The Summer My Diaries Were Stolen

This site is all about you – helping you find your voice, your material and how to present your best self in your college application essays, grad school personal statements, and those unbelievably pesky supplements that will keep you glued to the computer long into the fall. I can function as a coach, tutor, editor and/or advisor, but along the way, I occasionally tell students about events from own life when I think they’ll be useful to what we’re doing.

It’s summertime, and as many of you delve into thinking about your lives as you write your college application essays, whether it’s the Common App essay or one of the many others you probably have to do, I’m reminded of a distant summer of my own, when something happened outside my sight that had a lasting impact on me.

Last summer, Real Simple magazine asked me to tell the story of that summer. If you’re interested, I’m sharing it here. Thanks for taking a look. I’d love to hear your reactions.