How 1st-Generation Students See College

"My name is Ernest Miller Hemingway. I want to travel and write."

This fascinating piece from the Times isn’t about college essays, but the information may be useful to many families whose children are first generation college applicants. If this is you or your family, please read on. I love that the interviews were conducted by journalism students, not Times reporters. I was reminded of my recent visit to the Hemingway Museum, in Oak Park, Illinois, and Hemingway’s early interest in writing. He read constantly and was editor of the school newspaper.

The New York Times asked five first-generation journalism students to interview other first-generation students at their colleges about the challenges they have faced. The following interviews have been edited and condensed.”

“Getting into college and making it through can be hard no matter what your circumstances. But for first-generation students — the first in their families to attend college — the challenges are even greater because they must tackle them largely on their own. Students whose parents have gone to college can draw on that experience, perhaps talking to them about filling out applications or picking a major. Many college-educated parents also help their children financially, or provide a cushion if things go awry.” READ MORE