They’re Here! College Application Essay Prompts from Yale, University of Chicago & University of Texas

U of Chicago's new provocative essay prompts are out!

My latest piece on Huffington Post is out! Here’s the opening:

Yale, the University of Chicago, and the Georgia Institute of Technology have all officially published the required supplemental essays that go along with their Common Application essay, ending months of speculation about what some of the additional gate-keeper questions will be. The University of Texas has published its own essay prompts, which are not part of the Common Application. And those applying to Tufts will want to know that their prompts – always fun to do – went online a while back, and this year’s list still includes one of my favorite questions: “What makes you happy?”

Not long ago, there was but one college application essay most students had to write, AKA the Common App essay. Some applicants and their families harbor the illusion that this single “college application essay” is all that’s required. For some institutions, that’s the case – Middlebury, Washington University in St. Louis, and Fordham come to mind – but for hundreds of others, students must write one, two, three and sometimes more supplements of varying lengths, reflecting on everything from “Write a letter to your future roommate” to “You are teaching a course at Yale. What is it called?  READ THE REST