Vineyard Haven Talk: Stay Sane While Applying to College

Back in the day, applying to college was, well, different. These days, it’s like mounting a presidential campaign. Months of planning, anxiety, and family-wide uncertainty. There’s no way around some of this, but information is power.

Please join me for a free public talk on Tuesday evening, July 25, at 7pm at the Vineyard Haven Public Library, 200 Main Street, Vineyard Haven. I’ll be sharing resources, offering strategies, and answering your questions about the process, including those pesky college application essays – including the Common Application essay – you’ve  heard and read so much about.

Bring your kids, your questions, and your concerns.

I’ll be on the Vineyard for 3 weeks starting July 23rd, if you want to contact me about helping with college application essays while on the island and beyond. I work with students all over the world on Skype with Google Docs.

Please send me an email if you’re interested: