10 Things About Getting Into Your Dream College including Application Essays

A November 1st article in The New York Times by Eric Hoover intends to dispel some of the mysteries about the very mysterious college admissions process. I spend a good deal of time talking to families about these issues, while also discussing the Common App essay and supplements that are required. It’s worth reading the whole article. If you need more information or want help with essays, please shoot me an email: Liz@DontSweatTheEssay.com
From the Times article:
“Admissions decisions aren’t all about you.
“When colleges choose applicants, they’re juggling competing goals, like increasing diversity and bringing in more revenue. Admissions officers aren’t looking for students who fit just one description — say, those who’ve earned all A’s or won the most awards. So don’t take rejection personally.
“Grades and test scores still carry the most weight.
“Colleges often say they want to get to know the real you, but that’s probably true only if your academic accomplishments (and the rigor of courses you’ve taken) pass muster.
“You’re more than a number.
“After colleges identify a big batch of students with outstanding credentials, differences among them become more important, admissions deans say. Among some of the attributes they tell me they would like to see evidence of (in essays, extracurricular activities, recommendations) are: leadership, risk taking, emotional intelligence, fire for learning, critical thinking, curiosity, empathy, optimism, grit, perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles.  READ THE REST