Science is Funny – Really.

This is a bit of comic relief in your college quest – news that science is now becoming fodder for comedians. Think The Daily Show with science as its subject, instead of politics. That’s what a group of comedians is going for. Take a read from today’s New York Times, “Science is Dry, Obscure, Complex. Well, It Makes For Great Comedy.”

You’re the Expert” is among a new crop of comedy podcasts and live shows that are mining science for laughs. The podcast-live show “The Scientists,” as well as the New York-based event series “Monotony,” “Drunk Science,” and “Drunk Education,” treat subjects like astronomy, human evolution and even the physics behind urinal cakes as source material; and the more obscure, bizarre and complex the topic is, the better. Whether they are Ph.D.s like Dr. Faherty or stand-up comedians and writers who extract funny from slide shows on dinosaurs, the performers aim to educate.

“My goal is for the show to be like ‘The Daily Show’ or ‘Last Week Tonight,’ where people come because it’s funny, but leave with this real information that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise,” Chris Duffy, the host and creator of “You’re the Expert,” said. Read the Rest