Newest Testimonials – Class of 2021

It’s an immense pleasure to work with students who are enthusiastic about the prospect of applying to college, even if they’re terrified (and just about everyone is). Here are three testimonials that came in recently from students who got the news they hoped for from their early action/decision applications to Yale, Dartmouth, and Vanderbilt:

“Writing personal essays has always been my weakness, and the idea of being judged so carefully off of a skill I was not proud of was considerably daunting. Liz gave me a sense of security in my college application that I never would have had otherwise. She was great at working with me to take the vague, complicated version of an idea in my mind and make it make perfect sense. Not only that, but she is so easy to talk to! We would always go over time because we’d start talking about some book she recommended for me, or an idea I had had. She was also so willing to help with any part of the process, giving me advice on everything from my Common Application activities list to my On-Campus interview. She has an uncanny ability to pick up on exactly what made me unique — the very aspect she said to emphasize in my application was what my admissions officer wrote about on the note she sent me after my acceptance!” ~ L. E, New England, Early Action to Yale College, Class of 2021

“I truly enjoyed everything about working with Liz. She really helped me organize my ideas and turn them into quality essays that I felt passionate about. Our sessions significantly reduced the stress of this generally foreboding process. I highly recommend Liz based on my positive experience with her.” ~ B.B., New England, Early Decision to Dartmouth College, Class of 2021

“I started the application process particularly worried about my essay. I spent the first half of my summer trying to think what I would write    about and had no luck. Within an hour, Liz helped me find a experience in my life that truly changed me and would express some of my best qualities to colleges. Moving forward, she helped me write an essay that I felt truly put my best self forward and was proud to submit. Furthermore, she helped me become a better writer and thinker. I cannot thank her enough.” ~ R.D. Early Decision to Vanderbilt University, Class of 2021


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