Affordable Summer Programs for High School Students: Carnegie Mellon; University of Chicago

It’s not hard to find intellectually enriching summer programs if you have money to spend. But what about students and families where funds are tight – or maybe non-existent – for “luxuries” like these?

I’ve unearthed a number of stimulating, competitive programs that will meet students where they are financially – and I’m excited to share them with you.

~ Mathcamp ~ Deadline: March 10

From their website: Information for Prospective Applicants

“Hello, prospective student, and thanks for your interest in Mathcamp! We are looking for mathematically talented students, aged 13 to 18, to join us at Mathcamp 2018. Each summer, we enroll approximately 65 new students and 55 returning alumni. New students are admitted based on their Qualifying Quiz, recommendation letters, personal essay, and math background. If you’re looking for information about admissions & financial aid, you’re in the right place.” Deadline: March 10.

To learn more about Mathcamp, click here.   

~ Carnegie Mellon University Summer Programs for Diversity ~ Deadline: March 3

High school students who are 16 to 18 years old are invited to apply to Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious Summer Programs for Diversity. Those who are admitted to this highly selective program are not charged tuition, room or dining fees. While CM is known for its STEM focus, summer programs include the Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science (only for rising high school seniors), Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, Music, and the National High School Game Academy. For more info on the program and to apply, please Click here. Deadline: March 3.

~ University of Chicago Young Scholars Program ~ Deadline: March 31

For Chicago-area students only, the University of Chicago runs a Young Scholars Summer Program that offers mathematically inclined 7th through 12th graders the chance to sharpen their minds at the esteemed university – during the days for 4 weeks. It’s not a sleep-away program. This summer’s theme is number theory – and there’s a different math theme every year. Partial grants are available and students can apply for additional aid as needed.  Deadline: March 31st. To find out more, click here


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