After Rejection and Deferrals: What’s Next for College Application Essays?

This has been a great week for some students who got into their Early Decision and Early Action colleges. And a huge disappointment for many others who didn’t – and may be scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Many of the students I’ve worked with have completed some or all of the essays for their secondary colleges and will be sending them out by the upcoming deadlines.

If that’s not your situation, there is time for you to

  1. Review your Common Application  essay to see if it can be improved. You can do new versions for additional colleges – though you can’t change your Common App essay for a college you’ve already applied to.
  2. Prune the list of colleges you are applying to in order to make sure there’s good mix of targets and safeties.
  3. Make a master list of the supplements and short answers you have to do. You may be able to recycle or revise writing you did for earlier essays.
  4. Use winter break wisely. You just may have to spend a chunk of it at the keyboard.
  5. Avoid submitting your applications the day (or night) they are due. Computers break, websites crash, and I’ve heard too many stories of students trying to press SEND at 10 minutes to midnight.

If you think you might want someone to review your work, please shoot me an email:

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