New Testimonials – Class of 2023

It is an immense privilege for me to work with students applying to college, high schools, summer programs, and graduate schools. These new testimonials are from students who applied Early Decision. Watch this space for more testimonials as regular decision acceptances come through. And thank you, everyone!

“When Liz and I agreed to work together, I couldn’t have made a better decision. Under her tutelage and her expertise in cutting down essays and weaving narratives together, she was able to bring the best parts of my personality out of me and capture them on paper. At the conclusion of every two-hour Skype call that I had with her over every essay, I felt like I was learning some new element of writing that I had never known before. Liz’s compassion and sympathy, along with the firmness of her resolve, helped me stay on track with my college applications while also producing shining essays indicative of my character. The results paid off. Two weeks ago I received word that I had been accepted EA to MIT. Liz has helped me achieve my wildest dreams. Thank you Liz!” S.M.T. MIT, Class of 2023, New York City

“I’ve never been much of a writer, so when college application season rolled around, I was completely overwhelmed. Writing an effective personal essay seemed like an impossible task, as I didn’t quite understand how to tie my skills together. So, I contacted Liz in the summer going into senior year, and we began working together immediately. After months of editing and revising, I was left with 2 powerful essays that captured exactly who I was in 650 words.What distinguishes Liz from other essay coaches is her skillset and personality. Liz is incredibly knowledgeable on what colleges want, and will guide you in delivering just that. At the same time, she makes the process feel very comfortable and natural. Simply put, I do not think that I would have gotten into college without her help, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for helping me get into my dream school Liz, you’re the best! – J.C. Cornell University, Class of 2023, New York City

“You were an enormous help to my daughter in coming up with ideas for her common application essay.  Her dream school was UNC Chapel Hill; but, as they receive 45,000 applications and only accept about 700 from out of state each year, she knew this would be more of a long shot than even the Ivy League schools for her.

“Yesterday was the day UNC posted its decisions.  My husband and I clicked on the link and . . . we were speechless!!!  “CONGRATULATIONS!!  It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!”  I was monitoring the forum where kids were posting their stats, and we were shocked at the kids with MUCH higher stats than my daughter who were heartbroken to be denied or deferred, both in state and out of state.  The only thing that could have been the difference for her was her essay.  🙂  She was the only one from her school to be accepted, and several of the top ten from her class also applied there.  (Her class rank is 15th.) 

“”We are SO incredibly grateful to you for helping her find her voice and a way to allow her personality to shine through and stand out from the crowd. Thank you! Thank you!!!” R.J.B., University of N. Carolina Chapel Hill, Class of 2023, from “Out-of-State”

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