Early decisions from Don’t Sweat the Essay!

So much to celebrate!

The students I worked with this past summer and fall have heard all kinds of good news in the last few weeks. They’ve been accepted early to these colleges and more: Harvard, Yale, MIT (2!), Georgetown, Tufts, the University of Michigan School of Engineering, Vassar, Notre Dame, Wesleyan, Georgia Tech, Sarah Lawrence, Babson, and the University of Illinois. Congratulations to all!

March and April will bring finality to this high-stakes, high-stress period.

Transfer deadlines are in March and April, and several students are working hard on those essays and applications. Let me know if you need guidance.

Here’s my newest testimonial:
“It was absolutely wonderful working with Liz. After countless hours discussing essay improvements on Skype and spending much time preparing for interviews, Liz and I got to know each other quite well throughout this long college process. The time we spent together brainstorming essay topics and discussing overall strategy was an invaluable resource for me, and it was always so nice to have a real mentor to talk to about how everything was going, and work to temper any budding anxiety. Liz, thank you so much for everything!” ~ P.T., New York, Early Action Harvard, Class of 2024

If you’re interested in finding out more, please send me an email Liz@DontSweatTheEssay.com or call (East Coast) 1-855-99-ESSAY.

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