College and Medical School Acceptances from Don’t Sweat the Essay!

Some jumping for joy is called for!

In these uncertain days of The Virus, every bit of good news is magnified by ten or maybe by 100. So I’m especially excited to share this year’s news from my clients about where they’ve been accepted.

This year, clients got in early action/early decision to Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and Notre Dame, and regular decision to Wharton, University of Pennsylvania Arts and Sciences, Columbia, Brown/RISD Joint Program, Wellesley, Northwestern, Northeastern, UNC Chapel Hill, Carnegie Mellon, NYU Stern, Rochester Institute of Technology, Wesleyan, Bates, McGill, Sarah Lawrence, Emory, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Penn State Honors, Babson, and University of Illinois.

One client gained admission to Johns Hopkins Medical School, Tufts School of Medicine and the Cincinnati College of Medicine. A much younger client was accepted at two prestigious New England prep schools.

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