Do I Still Have Time for My College Application Essays?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m writing this on Thanksgiving morning of this strange, sad Thanksgiving for so many of us. My husband and I are Zooming later today with family. My sister and her family are eating in their garage with the doors wide open, and people across the country are … enduring disruptions, quarantines, loneliness, and having to make adjustments of all kinds in our expectations.

If you’re reading this today and you’ve got questions about your college applications that feel urgent, shoot me an email. Yes, even on Thanksgiving. Stresses can pile up, and we all have our share of them.

The good news is that some acceptance letters have gone out!! Some of my clients have heard from their colleges — and the news is good. Hooray!

If you’ve applied Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action, you will likely hear from these colleges in mid-December. If you are rejected or deferred, you’ll need to go to Plan B. Most regular decision applications are due January 1, 2021.

If you are rejected or deferred and have NOT already applied elsewhere, or have additional applications to send out, here are my suggestions:

  • Review your Common Application essay or your Coalition Essay and see whether it can be improved. You ARE allowed to revise your essay for schools you have NOT already applied to.
  • Review the other written material on your application, again, only for schools to which you have not already applied. Did you write an optional COVID-19 essay? Can your activities list be improved? Are your supplements as good as they can be?
  • It’s easy to fall into a slump or even a depression if you’re turned down or deferred. I can’t tell you not to feel bad, but I can tell you that the vast majority of students ARE rejected from the most selective colleges and universities — that’s the math. Thousands of highly qualified students vying for a small number of spots translates to thousands of rejections and deferrals. When faced with disappointing news, it’s essential to mourn briefly and then pick yourself back up and apply elsewhere. There are dozens of top flight colleges where your interests and talents will be recognized! It’s like any competition. The key is how soon you can get back in the ring and keep fighting.
  • Parents can help with this process by focusing on the nature of the competition (very stiff!) and the reality that there are at least a zillion more colleges to choose from! (Still looking? Try:

If you or the college applicant in your household is wondering what to do in the face of a deferral or a rejection from a top-choice college, I do application reviews and can help students write and revise essays with a fast-turnaround time. If you need help with any additional essays, I’m available for that too. 

Shoot me an email or give me a phone call. I’m on the East Coast and work with students throughout the world.   1-855-99-ESSAY