Can I Revise the Common App Essay? Yup.

Should I revise or shouldn't I?

The answer is yes! You CAN revise the Common App essay for any colleges you have not yet submitted it to. Which means you cannot revise the essay if you’ve been deferred in an application.

As thousands of college applicants and their families prepare to hear from first-choice institutions to which they’ve applied ED or Restricted Early Action, it’s a good idea to think about what lies ahead.

Some students will get YES’s, many will get NO’s, and others will get MAYBE’s, AKA Deferrals.

If you’re in the NO or MAYBE category, you will need to keep applying to other institutions. As you do, you might want to see whether your Common Application essay could benefit from being revised. You ARE permitted to write a new one for additional colleges. You CANNOT submit the revised essay to a college you’ve already applied to.

You might also want to revisit your Activities List, Honors list, or any supplementary materials, including the optional COVID essay.

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