Early Decision Results: Harvard, Cornell, Tufts, NYU Stern, Hamilton ~

Maybe it's time to pull up a chair
Maybe it’s time to pull up a chair

UPDATE: Dec. 17. Most of the results are in. This week, the students I worked with gained Early Admission to Cornell, Harvard, NYU Stern, Tufts, and Hamilton.

Cornell’s early decision reveal on Monday night brought one of the students I’ve been working with the news he wanted.

I help students brainstorm and formulate their application essays — personal statements, Common App, and supplements — and I provide support and answer many questions about the application process along the way. His mother just sent me this:

My son has just been accepted Early Decision to Cornell.  Liz was an integral part of his success in getting there. She worked tirelessly with him on his essays and they were perfect by application time.  She is an incredible writer and her advice and guidance was spot on. What’s been the most wonderful about Liz though is the way she has supported my son (and our family) throughout this whole process.  As we all know, applying for college is stressful.  However, Liz was always there to answer our questions and help reassure us that we were on the right track to getting my son accepted to a very selective school. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how we would have made it through without her. Her services were an investment in my son’s future and it has already paid off.

If you don’t get the Early Decision results you want this week, please contact me for how to move forward with Plan B. If you were deferred, there’s an important letter you’ll want to write too.

Shoot me an email or pick up the phone (East Coast time): 1-855-99-ESSAY.


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