HBCU Applications Growing

HBCU Applications are Growing

As COVID rearranges the college admissions landscape, HBCU applications are growing. The nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities are experiencing a renaissance.

Applications are booming, endowments growing, and this New York Times article tells the story of a woman who just turned down Yale for Spelman.

From the June 11 NY Times:

“Once the primary means for Black Americans to get a college education, historically Black colleges and universities, or H.B.C.U.s, now account for just 9 percent of such students. But top-tier H.B.C.U.s — long bastions of Black excellence — as well as others are increasingly becoming the first choice for some of the nation’s most sought-after talent, according to interviews with dozens of students, guidance counselors, admissions advisers and college officials across the country.

“They belong to a generation whose adolescence was shaped not only by the election of the first Black president but also by political and social strife that threatened the lives and liberties of Black Americans. For many families, the embrace of historically Black colleges has been influenced by concerns about racial hostility, students’ feelings of isolation in predominantly white schools and shifting views on what constitutes the pinnacle of higher education.”  READ THE REST

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