Best College Application Essays … on Martha’s Vineyard

Best College Application Essays this Summer

Want to write your best college application essays this summer? Work with me on Martha’s Vineyard–or on Zoom from anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re worried about the  Common App essay, the supplements, or the oddballs (MIT, U Cal, U Texas), my services are all about not sweating the essays.

Throughout the summer, I meet with students all over the world on Zoom/Skype. For a few weeks in mid-summer, I work with students on Martha’s Vineyard, year-rounders and visitors.

If that’s you, schedule a private meeting with me and/or come to my talk on WEDNESDAY July 27, 5:30pm, at the Edgartown Library. The topic: College Essays & Applications: What’s New Since COVID?  

The short version: The pandemic has had a drastic effect on college admissions. When most colleges went SAT/ACT-optional, the floodgates opened and upended the status quo.

The upcoming 2022-23 admissions cycle is likely to be much like the last two. It’ll be crazy high application numbers, crazy low acceptance rates, and enough disappointment to power a small country.

Whether you’re applying to Harvard, Northeastern, or UCLA, the numbers are staggering. Harvard had 60,000 applicants, UCLA had 149,000, and Northeastern had a 7% acceptance rate.

If you’re wondering:

—  Should you submit SATs even if they’re optional?

— How many colleges should you apply to?

— Are application essays important?

— Where to find “hidden gems” for your college lists?

I will also discuss how 9th, 10th, and 11th graders can prepare for applying to college.

Whether you’re on Martha’s Vineyard or on Zoom in the middle of the country, I can guide you to write your best college application essays and present yourself persuasively.

Please shoot me an email or call me (Eastern time!) to find out more about your college essays and applications, including the Common App essay prompts, for 2022-23.

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And please drop by the Edgartown Library on Wednesday July 27th at 5:30pm, for cookies, Q/A, and the answers to your questions about writing your best college application essays.