College App Essays for Early Decision

College App Essay Nail Biter Week

You wrote your hearts out in your college app essays for Early Decision and Restricted Early Action apps. And this week is The Week.

Yes, this is a true nail biter of a time for you, your families, and me! (No, it’s not all about me, but my work involves me in the lives of many students. I’m holding my breath for everyone!)

Please, everyone, keep in mind: There will be a lot of joy coming up — and a lot of disappointment. If a college admits 10 percent of the applicants, everyone else will be deferred or rejected.

If you are rejected, it’s OK to rage, weep, and curse the universe. But DO NOT — I repeat DO NOT — take this as anything more than a disappointment or a setback. It is not — I repeat NOT — the end of the world. It’s the end of chapter of your life. There will be many more chapters with happy endings.

Mourn for a day or two and pick yourself and move on with the rest of your applications, if you have not already done them. Don’t worry: There is still time! But for heaven’s sake, don’t wait until the last days of December to write more college app essays. AND strongly consider applying to another college ED2.  What’s ED2? READ ABOUT IT HERE.

If you are deferred and you want to be considered in regular decision, follow the instructions from the college (fill out a form or send a letter in January, whatever they tell you). And if you are super serious and want to add an activity to your updated letter to be sent in January or early February, you can take a college course or do some interesting volunteer work (see for many opportunities). For help or advice with this, please contact me.

As a parent, it’s hard to see your hardworking kid be disappointed. There will be a lot of disappointment to go around. But there are hundreds — really thousands — more colleges to apply to and many that are fantastic.  If you want help with additional colleges, please contact me. 

If you want someone to review the college app essays and activity lists you already wrote, I am available to do a quick-turnaround review.

Keep in mind, many people contact me once about their college app essays and applications at this time of year. If you think you’ll want some extra help, please don’t delay… Here’s what others have said about working with me.

Please feel free to email me or call — East Coast — 1-855-99-ESSAY.