College Acceptances & Your College App Essays

College App Essay Nail Biter
College App Essay Nailbiter

A big week for college acceptances and your college app essays. My stomach is in knots, waiting to hear news from all the students I advised on their Common App essays and applications. This is the first of the high anxiety weeks!

Fingers X’d for all of you (& your families).

— You’ll get 1 of 3 answers: YES (!), NO 🙁 or DEFERRED (aka Maybe later).

— What to do if you’re DEFERRED or REJECTED:

1. Grieve for a little while & then PICK YOURSELF UP and MOVE ON.
2. If you haven’t already prepared the rest of applications, you have limited time to do that, so get back on the horse soon.
3. Review yr Common App essay & activites to see whether they hold up. That’s something I do, if you’re interested.
4. You might need help applying to other colleges, in case you put all your eggs in that one college basket. I can help with that too.
5. Quite often I get desperate calls on Dec. 20, 24, 26 and even Dec. 30!!! Hey, don’t wait if you think you might want help. And why contact me? Click Here For Some Reasons to Contact Me. 

If this could be you, send me an email or pick up the phone (East Coast time zone): ~~  1-855-99-ESSAY