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My clients have gained admission to: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, University of Chicago, MIT, Cal-Tech, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton UPenn, Cornell, Wesleyan, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Vassar, Smith, Middlebury, Pomona, Rice, Harvey Mudd, Carleton, Kenyon, Oberlin, Howard University, Lawrence College, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Sarah Lawrence College, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UC Irvine, SUNY (Binghamton, Geneseo, Stony Brook), CUNY, Eugene Lang College at the New School, NYU, NYU-Stern, NYU Law School, University of Virginia, UCLA, University of Michigan, UNC, Boston College, Washington University Medical School, Colgate, Clark University, Connecticut College, Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, McGill, Skidmore, Art Institute of Chicago, Franklin and Marshall, William and Mary, Villanova, St. Olaf, George Washington, University of Toronto, Boston University, University of Vermont, University College London, London School of Economics, St. Andrews, Kings College London, Universities of Edinburgh, Exeter, and Warwick


Please contact me for the price of my services. Everyone’s needs are unique, and the work involved varies enormously depending on many variables. Also, please bear in mind:

  • There are many types of admission and admission dates: Rolling admission, where it’s first come/first served; Early Decision or Early Action, with applications usually due November 1; Early Decision 2, various due dates; and Regular Decision, usually due Jan. 1 or in the days just after.
  • Please keep these many dates in mind as you make your plans to work on college application essays.
  • There are many types of essays involved, depending on what colleges you apply to. Some students have to write 5 to 7 essays, others 20 to 25. FOR A SAMPLE OF ESSAY PROMPTS, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL AND I WILL SEND YOU A PACKET.
  • I have a sliding scale for low income families and others with special circumstances.

To read more about what it’s like to work with me, please click here.

Contact Please call me toll-free at 1-855-99-ESSAY or email me:


I work with clients in any location, from around the corner to around the world, from Tribeca to Trinidad, from the Upper East Side to Singapore and Hong Kong and places in between. I live and work in New York City, and clients often come to the City for first meetings from New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut. We do the remainder of our work via Skype. And often, the work is done entirely via Skype. I also spend part of each summer on Martha’s Vineyard, and meet many families there and on the Cape. Home visits are possible too.

Please contact me about your needs, and see what we can work out.