Martha’s Vineyard Summer 2020 ~~ This Year, Join Me Instead for Zoom Lessons From Anywhere in the Country

A taste of summer…

As visitors to my website know, I spend part of the every summer working with students on Martha’s Vineyard and doing a variety of free talks at the public libraries.

The summer of 2020 is going to be … a little different. Given social distancing and the ongoing hazards of COVID19, I’m going to be working with students online – using Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Most of my work is online already, and I can report that even through the screen, we develop real relationships. There’s good conversation, laughter, serious work, and best of all, I help students become more confident, capable writers and achieve their college goals.

This past year, my clients were admitted to many of their dream schools, including Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Johns Hopkins Medical School, MIT, and UC Berkeley. And long before the pandemic, our meetings were exclusively on Skype.

See my website testimonials for recommendations from students and parents.

Whether you’re on the Vineyard or at your desk hundreds of miles away, there are great possibilities for working together.

Send me an email or pick up the phone (East Coast time zone): 1-855-99-ESSAY

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