Martha’s Vineyard Summer 2021~~ Back to the lsland with High Hopes!

Looking ahead to summer 2021, I’m hoping that life will be somewhat back to normal — emphasis on somewhat, since it’s anyone’s guess. But since I’ve already gotten the vaccine, I’ll be on the Vineyard from late July until mid-August.
While there, I’ll be working with clients and, if libraries are open, giving talks at island libraries, including the Edgartown Library.

Being there is a great opportunity to meet with families who live year-round on the island — which I did in the 1990s — and work with summer families I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to meet in person. 

But whether you’re on the island or you’re half way around the world, I’ll be working with many clients, as I always do, on Skype, days, nights and weekends. 

The pandemic has made almost all teaching and learning online, but long before COVID, most of my work with students was online, working with students as far away as Qatar, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur — and as close as Boston, Washington DC, and Chagrin Falls, Ohio (really!). I can say with confidence that even through the screen, the students and I develop real relationships. There’s good conversation, laughter, serious work, and best of all, I help students become more confident, capable writers and achieve their college goals.

This past year, my clients were admitted to many of their dream schools, including Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Johns Hopkins Medical School, MIT, and UC Berkeley. 

Whether you’re planning to be on Martha’s Vineyard this summer or not, if you’re facing applying to college and you want an experienced guide, shoot me an email or give me a call (EAST COAST TIME ZONE), and we can talk about how to move forward. 

See my website testimonials for recommendations from students and parents.

Whether you’re on the Vineyard or at your desk hundreds of miles away, there are great possibilities for working together.

Send me an email or pick up the phone (East Coast time zone): 1-855-99-ESSAY

I’m always smiling on the ferry trip to the island.